Travian Addicts Anonymous T.A.A

Guild Info:

Hi, We are T.A.A. and yes we are addicted to Travian. We are great communicators. There is a lot that we have to offer in this guild including teamwork. We are doing great and we are looking to do even better.

English is the official language of guild T.A.A.

For those of you that are interested please fill out application. Please do not apply if your level is below 10.

There are only 3 rules that everyone has to live by.»>
1. You must contribute to the warehouse on a daily basis.
2. You must read the forum everyday.
3. You must level up atleast once a week.

Best rank so far 2!

Best House rank so far 3!

First guild to get a Jupiter house!

Without teamwork then we would have never gotten this far. Without communication then how would we know what is going on in the world of travians with each and everyone of us. This guild has seen the best and the worst of the game but we still love the game itself, that is what makes us Addicts.

Please do not get us confused with ~TAA~.

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