Update Information 11 11

The following updates are going to take place this week:

Tuesday, 11.11.:

- Limitation of objects

After the update, there will be no limitation of objects that are freely moveable (e.g. a lot of decoration, flowers) anymore. Oobjects that need to be aligned to the grid (e.g. furniture) will still be restricted to 100 objects per room.

- Poker

Poker (texas hold’em) is going to be introduced as a new mini game at travians. Let’s poker! ;-)

- Food to take away

Overpriced junk food to take out will be more effective after the update (though prices will stay the same). Your hunger deposit will be entirely filled. This will make it a lot more comfortable to eat in order to use your tools.

- Community action food

Both community action (food and bath) are interesting and important game features. To further balance them - by simultaneously making food cas more popular - the following improvements will be implemented during the update:
• Junk food is not required anymore.
• There will be a ranking of all hosts of ca food. This ranking will be generated automatically according to the last ca food. (The host with the most eaters during the last ca will be on top of the list.)
• The ranking/listing of all food hosts will be available via an additional button next to the button showing bonus times. This shall make it easier to take part in cas – especially for new and occasional players that are not (yet) organized in clubs.
• Food cas will be limited by 200. This means, the amount of SPs will not increase if more than 200 eaters are eating together. The maximum amount of SPs that one eater can get during a bonus time is approx. 376. This approx. resembles the maximum SPs of a bather (if 60 players are bathing together).
• Bath hosts will get a 10% bonus (approx.) every time they take part in a bath ca in their own house (max. 5times a day as it used to be).

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