Update Information 13 1 09

The following updates are planned for next week:

Tuesday, 13.1.09:

- Release of the achievement system

After the update the announced achievement systems will be available. There will be different disciplines/achievements that you can fulfill. Depending on your efforts, you can win wooden, bronze, silver and gold medals. In your profile it will of course show what you have already achieved to other players!

Have fun getting a taste of success!

- Editing your friend list

From Tuesday on, it will be possible to tag all players that you want to delete from your and to delete them at once. This shall make it easier to edit your freiend list, as it does not only allow you to delete several players simultaneously, but it will also prevent you from deleting friends by mistake.

- Amorer/Armsmaker

Currently, weapons and armor are displayed at random when you enter the shops. We are slightly this, so the items displayed are more relevant to your level.

- Delete comments within your own blog

After the update, blog writers will be able to delete comments within their blogs.
Please note: we cannot recover posts, once they have been deleted. So, please report insults or posted links before deleting the comment.

The update will take place on Tuesday, early morning. There will be no maintenance works.
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