Update Information 15.10.2008

Hello all,

the following updates will be activated at short notice:

Coming soon:

- Messages folders

Gold Club members can delete the complete content of each folder (Inbox, Sent, Reports) in their profile -> Preferences. Quest IGMs will remain.

- Number of pictures

The maximum number of pictures in a profile or blog will be limited to 50. Players with more than 50 pictures should reduce the number now, so that no favourites will be lost.

- Notification of full warehouse

There will be a warning that the warehouse is full.
The warning will only appear after the first resources have been lost.
Gold Club members will receive a warning only once the guild warehouse is full (the resources will be moved to the guild warehouse as usual until it is full).

- Shared PC

In preferences there is now the option to enter up to three users for the same PC. The user entered has to verify this to activate the function. We want to offer families (for example), the option to play from the same computer without being suspected of multi accounts. A membership in the same guild will be possible as well through this. Trade using the same IP-address will continue to be blocked.

On Tuesday, 21.10.:

- Social Points for Community Action

The sp for food will be increased slightly. The sp for bath decreased in turn. Bathing will continue to be more lucrative than food, but the difference will not be as large in future.
For example: eating with 20 players will attract about 154 sp in future (at present about 113 sp), a bath about 231 sp (at present 268 sp). This change shall encourage food ca's without taking too much sp from the bathers.
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