Update information 28.10.

The following update is planned for this week:

Tuesday, 28.10.2008 11 a.m. (server time):

- Scrolling through blogs:

There will be an option to scroll through blogs in the ranking. This will make it easier for you to look through the pages.

- Inventorying objects

To make redecoration more comfortable, there will be an additional button in the house editor. It allows you to move all items of one room to the inventory at once.

- Sorting of Inventory

The inventory in the house editor will be sorted by category in the future (instead of sorting by name). This shall make it easier to find specific objects in your inventory.

– New items in the house editor
After the update you can get solid walls and doors as well as a new fluffy carpet for your house.

- Blue font for (sub)admins of clubs and guilds

Beginning on Tuesday, (sub)admins of clubs and guilds will be able to write in bold blue font in club/guild chats as well using the exclamation mark in front of their sentence (-so far only available in house chats).

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