Vermin - Plague I

Jolasius asks for help. His grapevines are afflicted from a plague of insects. All the vines are full of aphids (that's lice ).

We should consult BW and Matricia. BW is floating in midair on the path between the arena and Matricia and has a cryptical line for us. Matricia is not making any comments on that.
Is BW hinting us to burn down the whole vineyard? In the beginning Jolasius is not really pleased by that idea but then he remembers that he has a fireinsurance.
Unfortunately he is not allowed to start the fire himself and he has no eternal torch left anyway. He sold all his torches to Stan.

Stan demands 10 bread for one torch.
With a torch in our helpful hands we return to the vineyard and set it on fire by clicking on the vine. After that we get Jolasius's insurance policy, we are to take it to Stan.
We are lucky and Stan does not realize what we just did and gives us 100 gold. NO! we cannot keep it. We take the gold to Jolasius….. but hey, it is not that bad…. Jolasius gives us 10 gold for our help

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