Warehouse And Map

On the top right, your stock and the size of the storage are displayed. Behind the second card index rider, you find a mini view of the scenery.

Under "Warehouse" your actual or current raw material and goods as well as the Warehouse size is indicated. Under "map", you find a Mini-map, which shows you where your character currently is in the Travian world.

Your Warehouse

The warehouse shows you the number of your at the moment available commodities. At the beginning you can store only 300 pieces per raw material. If you are a member in the Gold club, you have 20% more storage. You find your storage shed in the village, on the left beside the mill. If you click on the building, you learn how many commodities you need for the next stage of development.

The Map

The map shows the game scenery strongly reduced and allows you a quick navigation within. You must simply click on your destination on the map and your character runs there independently. However, this is only possible if you have been at this destination before. If you hold the left mouse key, you can also shift the map outside your current map view.

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