We Want The Water Card

We need to get the water card back. Otherwise we will never find the amulet. Tombo still owes us one or two favours. Maybe he can help.
Tombo promises to call us when he spots a pupil.

Our next way leads us to Lorena. We tell her that we will need to fight her son if we meet him.
Now we get a message from Tombo. The first pupil is somewhere south of Pilou's old house.
Unfortunately the pupil is very strong. We go to Kippfix to get BW. Maybe the white pupil can achieve something against the black pupil. And yaaay, the black pupil is weakened severely by the white one.

We tell Pilou that we beat a pupil near his house. After that we get a message from Tombo again. Another pupil is near Heather Rose's house.
As soon as we beat him, we tell Heather Rose. After that we get the next message. Another pupil is at the graveyard.

We tell Jolasius about our victory to get the next message. This time a pupil has been spotted in the swamp.
This time we tell Karamix about the victory, to get the last message. Now we have to beat a pupil near the jail.
Finally the water card is whole again and we own it. Hip hip hurray

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