Where Is The Druid

Lorena sends another message. She has learnt that her son is planning to do a journey into the forbidden area, and wants to kill the druid, which Lorena won't allow.

Lorena has a map for you - go to her and get it.

On the map some locations have been marked, where you should say Lorena's name backwards to get further advice.

Select the map from your inventory, to open it.

From Lorena's house you now go back to the robbers' hut, and from there on go right, past the coal place until the end of the road. The magical location is at the peculiar stone construction above the lake. Go there and pronounce Lorena's name backwards: ANEROL.

A first message appears: "I am a connecting element".

The second magical location is between the second mill and the second field. Go right and down from Pilou's house to find it. There is a campfire in a stone circle. The next message is "I bring outcasts from here to there".

The third magical location is in the south, where Horatio was testing the wine. Immediately left of Livius' house you find a stone structure, where you must once again pronounce the magical word. The last message is "I search for proximity to water".
Apart from that you'll now learn that the druid is hiding in the forbidden land.

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