Wood Cutter Community

The wood cutter community is a big club and had loads of members.

Club Info:


Trading rules:

- don't dump other players! if you see 10 offers for a certain price, offer for the same price.

- buy up dumping offers! after you put in your offer for a normal price, buy some of the offers selling to cheap.

- try to get direct trades! when you sell at the players market,
you pay a fee of 1 coin per unit, try to sell directly to others (check out our trading corner forum)

- avoid selling to or buying from the npc market! we lose total in-game money which is needed to buy up your stuff :)

- most important: inform everyone how the markets work!!!
if you join this club, you can invite other players.

If you received an invitation to this club you are either woodcutter or you are probably selling your goods at a too low price. Please check out our forum.

This club is mainly intended to establish a good price for wood. You are invited to join the club if you have wood cutter as your first or second occupation. Affiliates, like charcoal burners, carpenters and smiths, are also welcome. And we have a trading corner for all resources, so all the other occupations can join too. Please tell as many wood cutters about this club, so we can take over the world. ^^

— Being wood cutter is not a job, it's a lifestyle. —

Our goals:

+minimum prices for all resources:

33-35: wood, grain, ore, clay
68-70: coal, boards, bricks, flour
103-105: bread
138-140: iron

+direct trading:

to save the market fee, we have a trading corner in the forum,
so if you are looking for a supplier/customer, please leave a message ;)

+prevent price dumping:

don't put in resources cheaper then the currently lowest price!!

+informing all players about the market:

most people who are new to the game only know the npc prices,
so we try to inform everyone about the player market situation.
For joining this club you will get rights to invite other players.

+rising price level at the market:

for everyone to have more money we are constantly buying
and reoffering all resources on the free player market.

+best distribution of the resource production:

21% woodcutters
13% farmer
10% miner
10% claydigger
10% miller
6% carpenter
12% coalburner
6% clayburner
6% baker
6% smith

You can find further information in the club forum,
everyone is free to join and discuss.

If you click on "apply for this club" I will accept your
invitation as soon as I take a look in the members section.

- We are not fighting each other, we are fighting the trading system! -

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